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The New Architecture And The Bauhaus

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The Bauhaus Manifesto called for a new architecture that made no distinction between monumental and decorative art. New architecture is brought upon by a turn to a technical civilization and a design style that is based on honesty of thought and feeling. Architecture is all around us, and its future developments are based on the way our society consistently is advancing. A fusion of terms such as “functionalism” and “fitness for purpose =beauty” have caused an ignorance of architecture to stand still on a creative side. Bauhaus uses the term rationalization to describe new architecture allows us to do most work on a building off-site to increase building production. This is an introduction into mass-production of materials. The Bauhaus reacted to this social change by creating an aesthetic relevance to the requirements of the time.

The Bauhaus Design showed simplicity with emphasis on straight edges and smooth, slim forms. The aim was to take advantage of the possibilities of mass production to achieve a style of design that was both functional and aesthetic. Objects were to be designed to have "simplicity, multiplicity, economical use of space, material, time and money which looks as modern as anything in production today. I agree with Bauhaus that the machine is an extension of the hand. This is where the thought that the house or building structure becomes then a machine for living.

I agree with this interdisciplinary nature of Bauhaus training and design practice, as well as the connection that was made between craftsmanship and artistic production, functionalism and creativity. This is a basic turn of technology on art and a confrontation between “individualism” and “standardism.” I gather that this was originally hard to digest because in previous architecture, creativity ruled over technology. This generally



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