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The Need for Companionship

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Companionship is a need that has afflicted societies for more than a millennium. It is understood

that to find a companion is to discover a new sense of wholeness as well as a sense of belonging

and purpose. According to Margaret Paul, Ph.D. of the Huffington Post, “when asking why

people why they want to be in a relationship, they will say things like “I want someone to love

me and make me feel special, I don’t want to be alone and lonely anymore, I want to have

children, I want to feel safe and secure.”” (Huffington Post, 2012). With this said, while there are

those who have had their luck in finding love and companionship for themselves, there are those

who have sought help from services such as matchmakers to help them find companionship.

Today, in the advent of technology that connects people from around the world, matchmaking

has taken form in online dating which has eliminated barriers that had once disconnected

potential lovers. Listed under “Dating Services in the US” and registered with the North

American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 2017 code of 81299a, Online Dating services

are a $3-billion-dollar industry with approximately 6,747 companies under its umbrella.

According to Susie Lee in her article The History of Online Dating from 1695 to Now, the

earliest forms of online dating came in the form of personal ads published in newspapers printed

on Gutenberg press as a way



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