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The Meaning Of Women Independence In "Awakening"

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Essay Preview: The Meaning Of Women Independence In "Awakening"

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The Meaning of Women Independence In "Awakening"

Kate Chopin's The Awakening" is solely based on Edna's first and final taste of

freedom and independence as an overexposed 1890's Victorian woman. Despite the role of a

stay at home mother of two, Edna breaks the barriers of society and allows the independence

that lives deep inside her come alive. Thus, she falls in love for the first time in her life

However, her ambitious taste for independence leads her to commit suicide, and that's when she

actually feels free.

It is quite obvious that "The Awakening" signals independence as a strong theme in

the story. Edna's background is quite simple. She only married her husband, Leonce because

he truly loved her. Also, she wanted to upset her father. Edna has two boys which she doesn't

really care for. The life which she lived screamed for a fresh start and freedom. That's when she

met Robert, her lover.

Edna's ambition for independence affects her life for better or worse. She decideds to leave

the role of ahousewife, and explore the world of love. When she met Robert, a certain sensation

triggered her heart. Leonce and the boys were a subject of the past for Edna. Clearly, her undying

feeling for independenceaffected



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