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The Life of a Woman

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The life of a woman in the middle east can be extremely difficult and uncontrollable. Two girls from the middle east named Mariam and Laila are who I will be comparing and contrasting. They come from different backgrounds but end up in similar situations. Mariam and laila are different even though the same things happen to them. Mariam had a very supressed childhood, while laila had more of a normal childhood.

In order to describe mariam we will start from the beginning. She was a child born because jalil her father had intercourse with a servant of his, her mother. Jalil made an isolated home for mariam and her mother to live. Mariam would stay at that house to stay away from the rest of the world and jalil would come to visit every once in a while. One day she searched for her father's house and she did and wasn't allowed in, she was forced to go back home and when she returned she found that her mom has hung herself. Jalil would go on to find a man for Mariam to marry to take care of her. Rasheed was his name and he ended up being a very abusive husband.Mariam ends up meeting a girl named Laila.

However, Laila was born into a normal family. She had a boyfriend named Tariq for a long time.She had two brothers that fought in the war. Her family was very nice to her but once her brothers died things ended up getting very difficult for the family.



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