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The Life Of Amadeus Mozart

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::::The Life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart::::

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on January 27, 1756 in Salzburg, Austria. He is one the most popular composers of European classical music in history. Mozart began composing when he was just five years old. When Mozart was six he was playing for many royalties. His father, Leopold, felt that it was a good idea to take the family to Paris and London for Mozart to show off his skills. He had his first music published and wrote his earliest symphonies. They arrived in 1763 and left in 1766. In Italy Mozart wrote two operas, Mitridate, and Lucio Silla and a serenata and he became familiar with Italian styles. From 1774 to 1777, Mozart was in Salzburg where he worked masses, symphonies, and all his violin concertos, six piano sonatas, serenades and his first piano concerto. In 1779 through 1780 Mozart was in Salzburg again playing in the cathedral and at court, composing sacred works, symphonies and concertos. The Marriage of Figaro, was the first of three operas which premiered at the Burg Theater in 1786. In 1787, Don Giovanni another famous work premiered in Prague at the National Theater. Mozart composed dance music for the Vienna court and publishers began to pay fees for the rights to publish his works.

Mozart composed over six hundred works which included twenty one stage and opera works, fifteen masses, over fifty symphonies, twenty five piano concertos, twelve violin concertos, twenty seven concert arias, seventeen piano sonatas, twenty six string quartets, and many other pieces. Mozart's music style was really unique and unlike any others in that time. He included different musical styles and elements from different countries into his works which is what gave it its uniqueness and why it was so complex. His most famous operas were The Marriage of Figaro, Don Giovanni, and Cose fan tutte. His last three church pieces of work were Mass in C Minor, Ave Verum Corpus and Requiem which was never completed.

Mozart created many pieces of work that brought him great fame but played a bad role on his health, so many works of his were accomplishments that the people wanted more and more which kept him awake most of the nights never getting sleep or food to eat. Later on his father Leopold and him started a tour through Italy in 1769 to 1970. In two more journeys to Italy two more operas were composed for Milan which were Ascanio in Alba 1771 and Lucio Silla 1772. After the new Archbishop Von Colloredo made Mozart a concertmaster at a token salary. Wolfgang was forced to create many works of art. Later on to escape and gain a better place outside of Salzburg he was given permission to make another journey to France in 1777.

He took his mother to France and there he composed the Paris Symphony in 1778 but unfortunately wasn't able to secure a stable position. Unfortunately in Paris is where his mother died. He couldn't get a better position so he was forced to go back to Salzburg where he was given the position of court organist in 1779 where he produced a number of church works including his famous Coronation Mass. Later on he was ordered to compose a new opera for Munich Idomeneo in 1781, which showed he was a skilled master of opera seria. Colloredo sent him away after having some arguments. In 1782 he wrote The Abduction from the Seraglio. His concerts were great successes. Because of his great accomplishments the emperor, Joseph II made him his court composer. While there he met his wife and they got married. Together they went to Vienna where he composed his greatest work of all time the Kyrie and Gloria of Mozart's great



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