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The Land Of San Diego

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f someone told me three years ago that I would have

my own business, design jewelry for a posh wedding at

the Hotel Bel Air, and have my mother as my personal

spokeswoman, I would have laughed. Not only was I

manually challenged (I could hardly tie a knot without

my fingers slipping) but I also was so insecure that I

would have eliminated the possibility of me ever being

in charge of anything. The only thing I was sure of


Yet, three years later here I am. I have evolved from

a shy, introverted individual into an independent and

budding entrepreneur. This summer I flew to San

Francisco to attend a jewelry workshop in the heart of

the city. Staying with my tempermental brother in

Berkley was a risky venture in itself but navigating

the complicated transportation system in a large city

was also an ardous adventure. Relying on my tourist

map and the help of strangers I stopped on the street,

after a long day spent on buses and trains, I was

finally able to reach my destination: the Revere

Academy for Jewelry. It only took me a few moments to

realize I was at least a decade younger than everyone

at the workshop. However, I put all my efforts to hone

the techniques of soldering, heating and wrapping the

jewelry and prove my talent to my significantly older

peers. When the class shared their stories and spoke

about their love for jewelry, I recounted my own and

how it all began on a lazy summer day.

friend to help her make jewelry. She had received an

order for two hundred necklaces and was desperate for

extra help because she had only two weeks to make

them. Initially, tried making dozens of excuses but

her insistence paid off: I started working the next

day and frankly I hated it. I cut silver wire for

hours, while tediously arranged pearls for several

more. The following day, however, Susan taught me to

wrap the pearls. Well sort of. I spent about three

hours watching Susan produce perfect circular loops on

each end of the pearl, while I produced disfigured


to work a little harder. She even gave me five white

pearls and a loop of silver chain and sent me home to

design and make my own necklace. Looping



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