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The Kidney And Beyond

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The Kidney and Beyond

Do you or do you know someone, who has ever problems with their kidneys? Having too many kidney infections, can lead to kidney failure. The cause and symptoms, the treatment, and the different types of dialysis will be obtained in this paper.

There are two different kinds of kidney infections. The first is called Pyelonephritis. Pyelonephritis is an inflammation of one or both kidneys. This kind of kidney infection, progresses very slowly. It may include complications like hypertension, chronic infection and kidney failure. This infection is from bacterial infections, including intestinal bacteria that grow readily in the urine. Symptoms include, fever, chills, back ache, and nausea. The second type of kidney infections is Glomerulonephritis. This infection is an inflammatory involving the renal, which produces damage to the kidney. Glomerulonphritis is often caused by an allergic or immune response else where in the body. Chronic glomerulonphritis progresses slowly in may result in sclerosis, which is the scarring of the tissue of the kidney. According to Dr. Churtow, the medical records showed that one-hundred and thirty- two consecutive patients in the intensive care unit, require dialysis from 1993-94. Both infections starts in the bladder, traveling up to the urethras to the kidney and then it begins to multiply. The infections may become severe too quickly, which may cause for chronic kidney problems, which can lead to kidney failure.

The treatment for Glomerolonphritis, includes rest and antibiotics, and sodium and protein may be restricted. The treatment for Pyelonephritis is first step by step eliminating the bacteria with antibiotics and to unblock any obstruction. If the blockage infection persist, then long -term antibiotics therapy may be necessary.

Kidney failure is the decrease of kidney function. Kidney failure can happen quickly in a matter of days or it can progress period of months and even years. When it occurs quickly, it is known as acute kidney failure or ACF. Illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure can cause this kind of problem. Symptoms include confusion, fatigue, fluid retention, intestinal bleeding, tissue swelling, oliguria coma and seizures. Kidney failure can make you very sick and require hospitalization. Some people's kidneys may recover while other doesn't.

Kidney dialysis is required in cases of end stage of kidney failure, Kidney dialysis removes waste, salt and extra water to prevent these chemicals and fluids form building up. Kidney dialysis



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