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The Kidnapping

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It was 9 am on a Thursday morning. High clouds had drifted across the sun a few minutes ago, and the sky was an ominous gray. The sky grew darker, and the thickening fog made everything seem eerie and menacing, Kirsten thought to herself as she looked through the living room window, which gave her a full view of the weather outside.

Kirsten's parents were at work, and they wouldn't be back until 6 pm that evening, because of a conference meeting they

. . .

Kirsten was surprised that Jennifer never gave up on that stupid trick she was always playing on her friend. She opened the door without hesitating, and took a step outside the house, expecting Jennifer to jump out of a corner and say" Gotcha ya!" Like she always did. And there she was, waiting by the window for her best friend Jennifer, who had called her earlier to tell her that she would come over and keep her company, so that she wouldn't get bored on her own. Conference meetings were always long. She grinned to herself as she made her way towards it.

Suddenly, without warning, a dark figure whose features Kirsten couldn't make out because of the foggy air surrounding her, approached her from behind tugged onto her shirt as she struggled to get away and threw her into the back seat of his car.

Kirsten instantly made an attempt to get out of the car, but then he grabbed her by the arm, twisted it and dug his fingernails into her skin, threatening to kill her if she didn't follow his orders step by step. Kirsten then stood on the tip of her toes and looked through the peephole.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a loud, deafening knock on the front door.



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