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The Island And The Right To Live

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The movie, The Island takes place sometime in the near future. Thousands of people are cloned in the movie and used to give their body parts to other humans who are outside of the clone facilities. They are also used to bear children for people in the outside world, who do not have the ability to do so themselves. The clones are grown and born as adults, but they must learn as if they are children from the moment they are able to breath. When the people from the outside world need an organ, these clones who have the ability to think, breathe, perceive, and have emotions are then killed so that the people in the outside world can live on and have their organs or their baby. The really sad part about it is, the people on the outside world have no idea that the body parts and babies they are receiving are from actual human life, they think that they are simply receiving their organs and babies from some form of a vegetable. Luckily in the end of the movie 2 of the clones are able to free the rest of the clones so that they can live normal lives and not be treated as subhumans.

I think we could all learn a lot from this movie. It shows us that no matter what size or how long it has been since conception, life, is life. Everyone should have a right to live.

Imagine that your mother was the victim of a rape. Your mother would have had an extremely difficult trauma to cope with, and I couldn't possibly understand the kind of emotion that such an individual would feel. But, imagine, that your mother, was young when she was raped, and she was impregnated. Now imagine that that baby inside your mother is you. Even if you are still smaller than a seed, that small being inside of her, is you. Now imagine that your mother has a choice to make. She has the choice of whether to abort her baby, thereby ending the life you may have had, she could keep you and raise you herself, or she could put you up for adoption. This is an extremely difficult decision for your mother. Your mother had plans for a career as a doctor, she wanted to go to college, she wanted to be successful someday, she never thought that something like this could happen to her. Your mother, she has a decision

to make.

Yes, this decision, whether she makes the choice to let you be



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