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The Investigation Of Some Of The Critical Adversities And Challenges Minorities Face In The Community.

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Essay Preview: The Investigation Of Some Of The Critical Adversities And Challenges Minorities Face In The Community.

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Mid-term Project

I. Topic

The Investigation of Some of the Critical Adversities and Challenges Minorities Face in the Community.

II. Statement of the Problem

The primary purpose of this research project is to examine the critical adversities and challenges minorities are facing in the community. This study dissects three challenges in which minorities occasionally face throughout the U.S. These misfortunes are broken into three sub questions that are directly related to the research topic. The first sub question discusses the issue of racial profiling. As a motorist, minorities become victims of racial profiling. They become targets because of the color of their skin. These encounters often times leave minority motorists humiliated, violated, frustrated and at times severely beaten and battered. The second sub question exposes the sudden outbreak in the number of single parent families. The study examines the psychological behavior of children raised by one parent versus those of both parents. Throughout the research it will be revealed how single parenting affects a child's emotions, attitude, behavior, mentality and conceptual views. The third sub question reveals how bisexual practices have contributed to the increase in the number of HIV/AIDS cases for minorities. Because bisexual men tend to keep their bisexuality a secret, minority heterosexual women are becoming the leading population affected with the HIV virus.

To conduct this research, the quantitative method approach will be used to answer each one of these questions. This study is also supported by reliable statistics. The ultimate conclusion in this research project is to recognize some of the serious adversities affecting the minority community.



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