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The Inside Of Raymond'S Run

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After reading Raymond's Run I see that it is a story of many things, but the most efficient thing is a story of excitement. What is excitement? Excitement is showing happiness about something that has happened or something that you have done, to be excited. Raymond was a boy that was verbally abused and didn't have a regular childhood. Raymond was sheltered by his sister Hazel and was always the apple of her eye. Although Raymond was handicap and wasn't a normal child he tried his best to do everything his sister did. Hazel was very popular in the neighborhood due to the fact that she was the neighborhood's track star and haven't been beat in any race in several years. In the neighborhood the kids called Hazel Mercury because she was the swiftest thing in the neighborhood.

Hazel was a very good runner and was a very strong person. When people used to talk trash to her brother or her she used to stand up and say "You got anything to say to my brother, you say it to me" (pg 2079). Hazel had the attitude that for her brother she would kill. Hazel was scared of no one. Once in a race Mr. Pearson said to Hazel "well Hazel Elizabeth Deborah Parker, going to give someone else a break this year?" (pg 2080) and hazel went crazy, she gave Mr. Pearson a squint and that was all she wrote she said nothing back to him, but still did what she did best and tried her hardest to win the race, but just didn't win this one. She tied with the new girl.

After Hazel realized that she didn't win the race but she tied this is where Bambara showed to me that this story was a story of excitement. This story showed excitement of both Hazel and also Raymond. Although Hazel was unhappy about the race she never showed it she showed that she was proud and that finally she and the Gretchen could get along. After this Hazel and also the Gretchen was both proud of each other, but even prouder of Raymond and his attempt to run on the other side of the fence in his own style. After both of these girls realized that they could help each other and be friends with each other they started to train Raymond in a different style of running.

When Bambara talks about how Hazel and Gretchen I see that although both of these girls had there difference they are both happy that they are now friends and are helping each other in the training of Raymond and his own track career. Gretchen had finally realized that although Hazel was very serious about her running and also about her brother she could still be friends with Hazel.

Bambara showed excitement in Raymond when he talked about the affect of after Hazel had put him in the swing so that she could go race he found a way out of it and was running on the other side of the fence showing Hazel how excited he was that she was running and also showing that she had inspired him to run also. Raymond was always excited and was always proud of his sister, but never showed his excitement in this way. When Raymond did this Hazel looked over and saw that he was doing it she almost stopped her race to admire her brother in excitement in how he was running. Something that she or no one else ever thought that they would see! After this Raymond was showing his sister that he had been admiring all this time with her running and that he had been very into her and she had expired him to find away



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