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The Influence Of Tv In Brazil

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Essay Preview: The Influence Of Tv In Brazil

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Television is a form of media that has great ability to influence and brainwash the viewing public. In just a few minutes spent in front of it an abundance of information is poured into a person's consciousness at a fast pace that does not allow him to analyze and comprehend it properly. Since its invention, this symbol of globalization has gained a great power, and it is everywhere; from the richest to the poorest homes. So that it can be considered a powerful instrument of mass manipulation. For many families TV is the only way of entertainment and through this, television brainstorm people and shape their likes and preferences.

Television manipulates people. It leads the viewing public to think or act the way that’s being shown on air. Example of this is the soap operas whose characters clothes and styles are imitated by audience. Every time that appears a new character with a new style, people tend to imitate it. Furthermore most people would watch these soap operas religiously and picture themselves in the place of one of the characters. This leads people to act like the character and even acquire its personality. Another example of media manipulation is through commercials. People are almost forced to buy the products, which are presented as being extremely necessary for them to live better. And it’s still not all. There have to be mentioned the power TV has of putting opinions inside people’s minds. In elections for example, the power of control media has is enormous. The audience is not allowed to have their own judgment; TV shows what they want, and the way they want. Example of this is when something important is happening but they don’t want us to know, they simply change the focus of our attention to the most trifling things. This way we are totally fooled by this media.

As a head speaker of globalization, television maintains people “informed” about everything that’s happening around the world. From bloody wars as in Iraq, to big catastrophes such as tsunami, earthquakes and so on. On the other hand, if we put this in a balance we see that the negative effects overtake the good ones. Moreover as was said before, we just have



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