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The Influence Of Computer Viruses

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Essay Preview: The Influence Of Computer Viruses

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Topic : The influence of computer viruses

Nowadays , most of our activities need computers .They are an excellent tool to help us solve quickly and effectively almost problems in our life. However, the computers are also very sensitive and may work wrongly if they are attacked by computer viruses . In fact , the computer viruses may cause a lot of bad effects for users in which loosing data in computers, interupting business communication and stolen personal informations on the internet are three majorities .

The first effect of the computer viruses is ? the important data in users ' computers may be lost totally. When the viruses get into the users ' computers they can turn the format of data files into invalid ones and then delete those all out of computer memory. Besides, the viruses can destroy some program files and make the users 's computers malfunctional suddenly or frequently during working. As a result, those files may be damaged completely or partially. Thus the data files are easy to be eliminated and the users can not recall and restore them in their computers to use anymore.

The second effect of the computers viruses viruses is ? it may interrrup business communication .Most of computers are connected in local area netwroks or on the internet for business comunication .If some specific viruses invade the netwroks they may cut down or make slow down the transmission of the nets ,signals can not go through smoothly .In this case, the users can not send or receive information as usual with partners.For example, Chenobyl virus as coming to computers can enlarge the quantity of the attachment files of emails thousands of time which block the transmission.As a result ,such emails can not be sent out .

Additionally, the most important effect of the computers viruses is personal informations may be stolen and used illegally by someone who intentionally



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