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The Importance Of Fungi

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My Room

The red curtains on the two windows in my bedroom are drawn aside to let the sunlight shine in on the white walls. The rays of light reveal a small bed that is neatly covered by a comforter with squares of pink, green, orange, and blue on the top. The sides of the comforter that hang over the edges of the bed are a deep red color to match the ceiling, and are intricately embroidered with gold stitching and hung with tassels on the bottom. Hanging on the wall above the head of the bed is a long piece of rust colored fabric that is gathered at the top and at either side to form a pentagon shaped design that hangs down on either side of the bed. On the opposite wall of the bed is a white desk, upon which sits a lamp, folded clothes that need to be put away, and many items that have been collected over the years. On one side of the desk is an end table with a gray television sitting on it. The shelves of the end table are filled with collections of animal figurines. On the other side of the desk, in the corner of the room, is a humongous round chair that is red with a wooden base. To match the white desk, a white nightstand, and a white bookshelf are also present, both of which are filled with picture frames, books, and many other objects. Since there is a walk-in closet on the same wall as the bed, the closet contains clothes, a white dresser, stuffed animals, and even another window. The finishing details of my room are the paper lanterns that hang from the ceiling. Two round, orange paper lanterns hang in two of the opposite corners of the ceiling, while a lime green lantern hangs in one of the other corners above the red chair. My room provides a peaceful and cheerful environment to watch TV, read, get homework done, or just relax.



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