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The Impact of Video Games

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    Doing this assignment, personally for me it it was the hardest to fast from Tv and from my cell phone. Nowadays, Tv is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century and the thing that influences me very much. It has changed people's behavior and manners most of all because it shows the others' way of living which is also different from theirs. That is why the invention of television is the most influencial change in human society.

        It is known that everybody could be changed by television. I myself become a little bit aggressive when I see films full of blood, murders and suicides. I often change my point of view about wars, for example, when I see on TV how people suffer and die. Advertisements which are shown on it also change my mind. Especially effective ones make me buy products which I have considered useless before. It is true that these are little changes but they happen almost every time when I turn on the TV  and one day I could become an absolutely different personality.

         Television changes me not only because it influences me directly but because it influences my friends and my parents also. Nobody could be calm when he hears the news that his neighboor was killed or that there was a great earthquake a hundered miles from his/her home. People often become nervous  and peevish because of television and their behaviour influences me. Sometimes when they see films about love an happiness they become affable and kind and this also reflects me.

        Nowadays television is everywhere and it is something necessary for all people to be in touch with the rest of the world. But this constant access to TV changes me and all of us in many and diverse ways.

                               The impact of video games

For many years it was doubtable whether computer games with elements of violence affect the psyche of gamers. The results of such a study shows that committing cruel, antisocial actions in the virtual reality to a certain extent affects the moral and moral qualities of the player. Because it makes them feel guilty about the crimes committed in the game. People realize that murders and thefts occur only in the game, but at the same time, the brain largely interprets these events as real. After doing a lot of virtual nagging, people tend to give moral judgment to them and realize that in real life they would never do that. Feeling guilty is one of the main motivators, according to the scientists - it is capable of prompting a person to do good deeds in practice.


                                       The TV universe

Today's hundreds of allegations of injury from TV viewing often do not carry any evidence, even if they seem very right to us. But there is at least one phenomenon on the subject, which is undoubtedly true. And that is, the TV world is NOT in line with our surrounding reality. It focuses on the "newspaper" - mainly news such as wars, conflicts and crime, about the misery of the people, the extreme poverty of some people and peoples, and the richness and luxury of others. The cheerful news and facts cast in a certain context are rooted in the person's world view and greatly alter it.




                     The Internet has changed the way people read

Another visible fact that I'm sure you are witnessing. The World Wide Web is undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions of mankind, although some define it as the beginning of the end of the human race as a species. Research into the impact of the Internet on human thinking and behavior has been relatively recent, with some of the most reliable results on the subject so far related to the change in the technology of reading people.

For thousands of years, humanity has learned to read from books, perceiving the information in turn, page by page. But with the development of the Internet, this thing is radically changing - it is possible to quickly switch between different sources, use links and keywords. Many internet users spend more than a few seconds reviewing each page and quickly focus their attention on very different topics. As a result, reading becomes superficial, the information is not sealed in consciousness, and as a result, the very thinking of man changes. 



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