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The Idea of Human-To-Human Transplantation Was Already Raised.

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Essay Preview: The Idea of Human-To-Human Transplantation Was Already Raised.

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In the past, the idea of human-to-human transplantation was already raised. There was even a Chinese Apocrypha recording heart exchange between humans (Cirillo & Marino, 2014). Nonetheless, many of them were not proved. Organ transplant still seems to be a far-fetched idea over the last century. However, with efforts made by scientists, organ transplant has become a significant discovery in modern medicine. In this essay, a broader and deeper analysis of how the invention changes the world will be shown.

Organ transplantation is one of the great inventions because it improves the method of treating cureless people remarkably. Despite the medical advancements, there is still incurable sickness. Kidney failure is one of the examples. For the sake of staying alive, former people suffering from the disease had a huge reliance on medical equipment like dialysis machine (Arch,2017). Unfortunately, this only cure their symptoms, not the disease. With the invention of organ transplant, much past cureless illnesses such as kidney failure become curable. Patients with failed organs can all be treated by replacement of a healthy organ. Research even shows that after the surgery, receivers’ organ function will be mostly recovered and they are likely to have a chance to survive longer (Erasmas MC, n.d.). In short, due to organ transplant’s greater advantage in improving patients quality of life, it is considered to be a game-changer at that time.

Organ transplant attributes its success to the medical breakthroughs made by scientists. In the olden days, patients soon died once their organs fail to work. To save the needy, immediate action has been taken by scientists. In the early 1900s, organ transplantation on animals was successfully performed by Alexis Carrel (AnimalResearch.Info, 2014). The experiments proved that exchange in body parts between living things are workable and this laid the foundation for human transplant surgery. Enlightened by Carrel’s discovery, an American doctor carried out the first ever kidney transplant in the 1950s (Komaroff, 2012). The concept that internal diseases can be treated by organ transplant had been accepted by the public. This encouraged scientists to make improvement in organ transplant. For instance, to boost the survival rate and recovery rate of patients, tissue typing and immunosuppressant drugs like Cyclosporine were invented (Deathridge, n.d.). With medical development throughout these years, most organ transplants are considered to be safe and are adopted as an alternative treatment option by doctors.

Irreplaceability of organ transplant enables it



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