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The Hunt for Bin Laden

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Essay Preview: The Hunt for Bin Laden

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Anthony S. Cruz

Professor Michael C. Boody

Literature H

17 September 2015

The Hunt For Bin Laden

My thought prior to watching the documentary, The Hunt for Bin Laden was very

inquisitive. I wanted to be informed regarding Bin Laden's capture and death. In

addition, I wanted to know his role in the terrorists attack on America.

Some important points that I gained from watching the documentary were very

informative. Bin Laden wasn't always a hated man but a leader for the anti-communists

who were fighting the Soviets. I also learned that the U.S. sent troops to help the anti-

communists and were unofficially working with Bin Laden. Later, I learned Bin Laden

was excommunicated from his homeland, Saudi Arabia. He announced his hate

towards America because he believed that the Americans had invaded the Holy Land.

Finally, I learned that although the 9/11 terrorist attacks happened during the Bush

administration, this had been an ongoing issue with the Clinton administration. There

was even a rumor that Bin Laden had plotted an assassination of President Clinton.



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