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The Hobbit

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Essay Preview: The Hobbit

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The Hobbit

Title: The Hobbit

Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

Setting: The setting of the story takes place in the lands of Wilderland. It

is through Wilderland that the hobbit and the dwarves travel to retrieve their

lost treasure. As they move on through Wilderland, they encounter different

people and different problems, making it more of an adventure.



Bilbo Baggins- he is the main character of story. The tiny hobbit is convinced

by the great wizard Gandalf to undertake a long journey with thirteen dwarves to

help them retrieve their lost treasure. Bilbo, at first, seems to be of no use

to the dwarfs, almost getting them killed by the giant trolls. Eventually he

shows his value to dwarves by saving them numerous times from death and

imprisonment. Thorin- He is the most important dwarf. His father was the king

under the mountain of Lonely Mountain. After the fall of his kingdom, the

treasure that belonged to his father was lost to the evil dragon Smaug. He

leads the other twelve dwarfs in hopes of regaining the treasure and his kingdom.

Gandalf- He is the great wizard who helped organize the adventure. At first he

travels with the dwarves and the hobbit but leaves them because he has other

business to attend to. Beorn- is a large man who can change shapes into other

animals. He lives by himself in large house with animals who he can speak to.

He helps the dwarves and the hobbit after they have escaped from the goblins.

He later joins them in the Battle of the Five Armies to help defeat the goblins

and and the wargs. Bard- He is the man who slays Smaug and becomes the new

master of the town where the men dwell on Long Lake.


the trolls (Bert, Tom, Bill)- they capture the dwarves and Bilbo with the

intention of eating them. They are saved when Gandalf creates confusion between

them (the trolls) allowing the adventurers to escape. Goblins- they also capture

the adventurers but not before Thorin could kill the Great Goblin and then

escape. This caused them to pursue the group and their anger towards them led

to the cause the Battle of the Five Armies. Smaug- He is the evil dragon who

takes over Lonely Mountain and all its gold within it. He is stirred from his

sleep by Bilbo and while trying to destroy the town on the river, he is killed

by Bard.

Exposition: The general situation is revealed by the narrator who tells the

story in the third person. The narrator makes direct comments usually

explaining parts of the story that won't be made clear until later in the novel.

Maps show the lands in which the group of adventurers is traveling.

Type of Conflict: there is a person vs. person conflict between the dwarves and

Bilbo at the beginning of the story. It is gradually resolved after Bilbo

proves his usefulness to them. There is also a person vs. person struggle

between the adventurers and just about everyone else they encounter in their

travels (trolls, goblins, spiders, and Smaug), including some who would later

become their allies (wood elves, and the men).

Inciting Incident: This occurs after Gandalf introduces the thirteen dwarves to

Bilbo. He convinces Bilbo to undertake a journey with them knowing that Bilbo

will be of much use to them later on in their travels.

Turning Point: After Bilbo escaped from Gollum and the Goblins, the dwarves had

new found respect in Bilbo. They began to listen to his suggestions and follow

his actions. Their respect in him helped Bilbo find worth in himself.

Climax: The climax of the novel comes at the Battle of the Five Armies. Here




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