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The Hassles Scale and Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory

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Essay Preview: The Hassles Scale and Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory

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The Hassles Scale and Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory are both ways in which an individual can measure life stresses. Although the statements to be answered may cover different topics related to stress they both express varying degrees to which stress may be affecting our lives.

Stress has been shown to affect many aspects of our lives. Prenatal stress occurs during the development of a fetus. At this time if stressors are present the choices made can affect the outcome for a possible intensified risk of some illnesses (Sapolsky, 2004). Postnatal stress can also contribute to lifelong development as well (Sapolsky, 2004).

The Hassles Scale rated my stress level as an 125 indicating I have high stress while the Holmes-Rahe Scale had previously rated my stress level as a 226 indicating I have moderate stress with a 50% chance of having a stress induced illness. Although the ways stress is measured is slightly different both of my results appear to be described similarly.

Some differences can be seen between both of the ways in which stress is measured. The Hassles Scale focuses on items that may affect an individual’s life on short-term events that occur on a daily basis such as work, leisure, and family issues which have occurred over the past month, while the Holmes-Rahe Scale touches on topics mainly focusing on long-term events of both major and minor changes that have occurred in an individual’s life over the last twenty-four months.

After completing the Locus of Control Scale, I found that the results translated to what I have known to be true my whole life- that I have an internal locus of control. I have always felt that I am in control of what happens to me, that my decisions determine my outcome in life, and that not very much is left up to luck or fate. How this relates to the things I find to be stressful and the different ways that I cope with those stressors is also something that I feel I have known and to see the proof in the results from the scale was pretty validating.

The idea that a more internal locus of control is relevant to a healthier lifestyle when older was interesting to me as well. I



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