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The Green Mile

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"We each owe a death, there are no exceptions but, oh God, sometimes the Green Mile seems so long" said Paul Edgecombe after his friend died and he understood that his Green Mile doesn't have end. Paul Edgecombe is one of the main characters in "The Green Mile" movie. This film is a drama and it was nominated to an Academy Award in 1999. "The Green MIle" was directed bvy Frank Darabont and adapted by him from the Stephen King novel "The Green Mile". The main characters in this movie Paul Edgecombe played by Tom Hanks and John Coffey played by Michael Clarke Duncan. The movie is not only telling a story about last vouple days from John Coffey life but it is also showing how people are cruel to each other and how Coffey was constantly depressed by all pain in the world and how people are "ugly to each other" describing it as "like pieces of glass in my head all the time"

"The Green Nile" is a story told in flashback by elderly Paul dgecombe. He tells the story to his friend from nursing home. He tells about summer 1035 when he worked in prison in Louisiana's Cold Mountain Penitentiary. His domain was colled Green Mile, because prisoners that wenty on execution said that they walking there their last mile on the floor with green linoleum.

One day to Edgecombe prison arrived a muscular, 8 foots tall, African-American, John Coffey. He was condemmed to death for killing two young, white girls. JOhn COffey showed very fast that he is very sensitive and emotional person, moreover he is affraid of the dark and he cried very much. Coffey had also extraordinary healting power. He healed Paul Edgecombe and he resurrected a mouse. Later, he healted a very ill Warden Hol Moores (boss of Edgecombe) wife, she had brain cancer.

In the same time new worker came to prison. Percy Wetmore was sadistic and cruel executor, who had pleasure from killing people and watching how they are in pain. He was the nephew of govemor's wife, he always repeated that he knew big people and he could do whatever he wanted. He promised that after execution that he do by himself he would move to other prison, so Edgecombe let Percy execute Delacroix (Coffey's friend, his best friend was the mouse whom he named Mr. Jingles). During execution Percy didn't wet a sponge and Delacroix had very paintful and horrible deatch on electric chair.

In the same time Wild Bill arrived to prison. He was condemmed



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