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The Greatest Film “monster Inc.”

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Essay Preview: The Greatest Film “monster Inc.”

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The greatest film, “Monster Inc.”

Everyone has that one movie you can watch and never get tired of watching. But nothing can be compared to “Monster Inc.” , this movie is one of the best movie to be watch from being a little young kid to being an adult.”Monster Inc.” is a great movie to watch because it has originality, it’s emotional story, and it has good story..

Originality is what makes every movie more special, since you haven’t watched nothing like it. “Monster Inc.” originality is that it can relate to how little kids feel when they go to sleep and think there's a monster in their closet. This film though scares the kids to consume their scream for electricity. Which makes this movie even more original. Also what makes this movie original the animation used is very good, they used colorful monsters.

Secondly this film is an emotional story that can make you cry and could make you angry. An example is when Sullivan scared Boo, Sullivans boss wanted him to show the new recruits how to scare the children. In this scene Boo followed Sullivan and encountered Sullivan scaring the robot kid, which scared her as well, making her cry and being afraid of Sullivan causing a sad range of emotions for the audience. Another emotional scene is when Sullivan was separated from Boo because she had to go back to her room. In this scene it was sad because Sullivan got attached to Boo and he didn't want to let her go. A scene that caused anger in the film was when Randall, and Waternoose, the antagonists, vanished Sullivan into another location and tried to get rid of Boo. The broad range of emotions throughout the film causes greater attachment and interest in the film.

Every movie has its own story to it but none compare to how great the story ”Monsters Inc.” has. In “Monsters Inc.” the top scarer Sullivan gets attached to Boo, which is an unexpected outcome. In the film monsters aren't supposed to come into contact with humans because they supposedly get contaminated. Sullivan being the top scarer should be the person who detests any contact with any of the children. Regardless of contamination and his reputation, Sullivan grows fond of



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