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The Good Earth

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Literatures bring pleasure and value to young readers. Literatures encounter the ideas and experience of people throughout history. However, literature is accessible to all ages in a variety of forms, ranging from the simple nursery rhyme to elaborate philosophical treatises. Literature includes poetry, drama, biographies, and prose works. In every form, however, the ideas of a story are present that ensures of its value for young readers as well as pleasure and understanding. "By the time children reach grades three to six, a period which Jean Piaget defines as the concrete operations stage, teachers and parents can successfully use literature to transmit value and pleasure, since children are able to think more concretely and form better moral judgment than at earlier developmental stages. The values of literature-based instruction for all students are growing evidence favoring literature-based programs for students experiencing difficulty. Literature offers a rich background from which to learn vocabulary, to accumulate knowledge about written language, and to develop literacy skills. A Literature-based program provide a meaningful basis from which to learn skills and strategies, can lead to increased use of literature for independent reading and improved attitudes toward reading for students experiencing difficulty in learning, and can also result in higher test scores for those students. The using instructional strategies for literature based instruction have many different strategies that research has shown are effective in literature-based instruction. Which are scaffolding of instruction is concept that has grown out of research on how individuals learn. This concept is based on the idea that at the beginning of learning, students need a great deal of support. This support is taken away to allow students to try their independence; modeling, and vital parts of helping students learn the process of constructing meaning of helping then learn the various strategies and skills involved into this process. Modeling also takes place first through the literature itself and the way it is organized in thematic units; cooperative



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