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The Gold Rush

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The Gold Rush

In 1848 a discovery was made in California in the American river. This disocovery put an

everlasting impact on this Nation. The discovery started a rush. This rush was called the gold rush.

This essay inform about the California gold rush. It will tell u the background of the California gold

rush. Also what impact it put on the nation.

A miner named James Marshall and his boys were on the river bank of the American river

working when they noticed a shining object in the river. They found gold. What they had really found

was the ignition switch for one of the most massive migrations in human history, the California

Gold Rush. It was literally a rush more than 90,000 people made there way to California in search of gold.

A stampede of gold hungry 49ers ripped families apart and seized towns an took most of their young men.

It changed the country's view of the relationship between wealth and labor. These people were maniacs.

This made California always be a different kind of place in America. Not all the 49ers were Americans.



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