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The Giver By Louis Lowry

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Latoshia Coleman

7 December 2006


English 101

A Blast from the Future, not the Past

Ihave really learned a whole lot from this class. I learned about disicpline and criterior. I learned how not to give up in tough situations.Mr. Ross showed me how to put together many topics and pull them into great papers. It was a bumpy road but I think that i am finally on the road to success. There were little things that Mr. Ross pointed out in all of my papers that I thought were major changes, and I would like to share a couple of them . In writing assignment one, i liked the fact that you told me that my clarity of my language needed strengthing. I thought that my writing was good and strong but you seen something in there that was not. I went back into my brain and elaborated on how i can make my writing stronger. On the other hand, I didn\'t

like the fact that i lacked organization. I didn\'t

agree with that, but i kept an open mind and tried to work on it. Next, is writing assignment two. This was the paper that i liked above all papers.I liked this paper because you gave me a lot of positive critism. There was also negative critism too but most of it was positive. You told me that you gave me so much because I had the potiential of a great writer. This made me push myself more and that is what I did. I also liked my title in writing assignment two. It was The Stabilty of Security.

Thirdly, I will move on to writing assignment three. I liked this paper because you told me that my tone was improving and that i began to sound more professional. That made me feel good because i finally was improving and it was showing in my work and i liked it. You were still stating that I lacked clear organization. I couldnt



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