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The Ghetto: Nazi-American Propaganda

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Essay Preview: The Ghetto: Nazi-American Propaganda

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Stefon Beck

December 20, 2006

Preaching in an Urban Context

Dr. Mark Tyler

The Ghetto: Nazi-American Propaganda

In light of the United States decision to abandon Katrina victims of low economic income, ignorant of their political rights, and self-identity and worth, I've decided to focus my attention on the issue of the American Ghetto and how it's sole purpose was created as a systematic process I would call ghettoization. The preliminary steps of this process consisted of: making African Americans and Latinos easily identifiable, restricting their movements and creating race control organizations (F.B.I., Hip Hop Police) This goal of liquidated extermination has its destructive roots, which were planted in the Nazi regime in Germany.

As was its purpose, the ghetto was defined as a part of a city, esp. a slum area, occupied by a minority group or groups. It's also described as an isolated or segregated group or area. But its purpose would have far more damaging meaning. In 1939 Germany found itself influenced by the voice of Adolf Hitler and his open campaign of the annihilation of the Jewish race. As stated in a document from the Holocaust Resource Center, "Part of the Nazi propaganda effort was to persuade non-Jews that the ghettos were necessary to protect them from the Jews. Jews were said to be carriers of epidemic illnesses while non-Jews were immune to them. In many instances the Jews were accused of cooperating with Germany's enemies and that was another ?reason why they had to be shut up in ghettos." These same words are found echoing today in our media through our music, videos and airwaves, under code names such as urban, rural, and the "hood", inner-city, and downtown. Unlike Hitler, our government's tactics are more tactful, but no less blatant.

With partial financial backing of U.S. Senator Prescott Bush, the grandfather of George W. Bush, Adolf Hitler was able to push forward his agenda. One of them was carrying out the order to abolish Jewish communities with fewer than 500 people; Jews were concentrated in ghettos of larger towns and cities. These ghettos were set apart from the rest of the community, generally surrounded by a wall and usually in the poorest area. The non-Jewish population was ordered to move out of those areas in order to make room for the Jews from outlying villages and other areas of the city. Housing was scarce and overcrowding was a major cause of epidemics. As it was then so it is today. Under the leadership of President George W. Bush we hear the push for a NEW WORLD ORDER. One in which those who are of no use in their eyes are destroyed, detained, and denied any privileges as American citizens.

The Holocaust Resource Center states that, "The preliminary steps of this ghettoization process consisted of: making Jews easily identifiable, restricting their movements and creating Jewish control organizations. The first two steps were not difficult. On October 26, 1939 an order was given to concentrate the Jews into forced labor teams in designated areas. (This was extended on December 11, 1939 to restricting their residence and forbidding them to enter the streets between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m..) Then an order was issued



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