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The Genre Of Horror

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The Horrible genre of Horror

Do you remember seeing a good horror movie? The majority answer to this question is no. Even those who've seen every Night of the Living Dead Movie will tell you that a good horror flick is rarer than Roseanne and Tom Arnold's cameo appearance in the Nightmare on Elm St. series. Despite all the obvious gashes of imperfection that lurk behind every corner of the screen, the American film industry keeps on pumping decrepit life into the freakish Frankenstein hack job known as the Horror Movie.

The genre is lacking in almost every area of film. Bad acting, script, special effects, endings, and the list goes on. These areas work together in such a way that a flaw in one will be like sunlight to a vampire for the others. To stitch this wound, you need a good director, which in the case of horror, is harder to find than a monster that will die from just one gun shot. Something I could never figure out was what possessed these directors to continue their movies that a silver bullet or a stake to the heart couldn't keep in the grave (Halloween, Wishmaster and Children of the Corn).

Guaranteed in almost every monster movie (exceptions include the Ring, and The Shining), you'll have a cast of clichй characters as follows: A stupid Barbie-like girl, a brash punk, the loud funny guy, and the timid boy that falls in love with the headstrong girl despite their bloody predicament. You'd think Hollywood would hire some good actors when it gets to the point that the zombies are doing a better a job than the actors running away from them.

So where do all these bad actors come from? I don't know if I should divulge this secret, but here goes... LOW BUDGETS!!!! Do you think some no name director making two-thumbs down movies would have the money to get someone like Bruce Willis or Samuel Jackson? I'm convinced that the reason why you never see the actors from a horror movie acting again is because it's cheaper to literally "kill them off."




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