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The Future Of Mankind

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Without being unnecessarily pessimistic but only realistic, I generally consider that the future of mankind looks rather dark and unpromising due to the irretrievable damages that technological advances, overpopulation and environmental problems have already caused and will probably continue to cause to human race in the future. Even though I agree some improvements in these areas have been made, to me they are not enough to stop the downward spiral of negative impact on mankind.

First, advanced technology's disadvantages outweigh its good side and are undeniably a major threat to future welfare of mankind. As technology continues to improve by leaps and bounds promising further development, new mechanical inventions and medical discoveries, there's every likelihood of humans becoming clearly more impersonal with each other and creating new strains of viruses. Although it goes without saying that people's life will become even more convenient in the future, it will be only at the expense of loss of human abilities as well as loss of personal communication and contact with nature.

Second, overpopulation has also caused a lot of problems whose negative influences on the world are unstoppable. Admittedly, as the population of the world continues to expand rapidly, lots of countries nowadays are either in severe poverty or their cities are becoming overcrowded. So that eventually, poverty will probably spread all over the world and lead to untold damage. As a result not only will the overpopulation problem cause mass food deficiency and unemployment, but also human civilization is highly likely to face unprecedented famine, diseases and crimes.

Furthermore, my third substantial reason for the dark future of mankind is the presence of disastrous environmental problems, which comes from the fact that overpopulation has a tremendous negative effect on the environment. The more people there are, the more resources needed. Accordingly,



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