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The French English and Dutch Settlements

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We all know where there is light there must be darkness. A common aspect seen throughout the world we live in today. Nothing can stay great forever. So, with all great beginning there must come a period of darkness. In the same way, the French Dutch and English were in dark times around the 17th century. This means that they needed to search for ways to get back onto their feet and out of this whole they’ve gotten themselves into. What was their brightest star you may ask? Their best solution or interest was the Americas. They saw future there, lots of opportunity to help them in their dark ages. The French English and Dutch had various settlements at the Americas for various beneficial reasons, with settlements at the Americas they could gain wealth, power and military strength.

In the beginning these countries all look for one thing, wealth. With wealth a country can do as much as they please. So being that they were lacking in this quality, according to Thomas Benjamin, the Americas gave them a great opportunity to regain this lost wealth. The way they went about earning money off the Americas was easy. They first needed to have established settlements there once they did they established a trade system. They realised that the Americas was lacking some resources that they had. So they traded with the Americas this then provides revenue for the European countries, this trade was called or referred to as the Transatlantic Trade. They didn’t only trade though, they also had companies being established at the Americas. Some of these companies were The Virginia company established by London. Another would be the Dutch West India Company charted by the Dutch. These companies also contributed to the revenue making at the Americas. A reason of interest for these countries that was very crucial at that time.

Now with them already gaining wealth comes power. If they made settlements at the Americas that would not only show their dominance at another world but also give them room to expose the people there to new cultures or religion. This was in interest to them because at that time the Christian religion was growing in power. So with them having priest and preachers it would be easier to make their religion a dominant one and not give space to other religions to convert people. So it would make sense as to why the English Dutch and French would want to establish settlements at the Americas in order to create an opportunity to expand as well as take control and grow in power.



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