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The Experiences of the Woman Sitting in the Corner.

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Essay Preview: The Experiences of the Woman Sitting in the Corner.

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The first CEO I will be talking about is Charles Schwab. He failed out of remedial English and came extremely close of flunking his first year in college. He quickly learned to overcome his reading difficultly at an early age by reading with pictures. Schwab learned the plots and characters of Moby-Dick, A Tale of Two Cities, and other great books by reading Classic comics, which told the stories in pictures, which made it easier for him to follow the plot and remember it too. Research shows that while dyslexic people may have difficulty in one aspect of learning, they excel in another subject. For example, Schwab was excellent at visualizing the end goal first and coming up with many ways to reach there. Now, he hires people who can go from A to B, B to C, and so on until they reach his final goal. He does this because it'll take him too long to focus on the small details of the project rather he focuses on the bigger picture.

The second CEO I will talk about is Chambers. Chambers kept his dyslexia a secret for many years until a little girl finally made him change his mind. He was hosting a conference and the little girl stood up to ask him a question, but couldn't get out the right words, so she sat down and said sorry because she a learning disability. He stopped her and said he too had a learning disability. Chambers relies on his wife, Elaine, to help him navigate a phone book. He's terrible with written directions. One time he had a friend over and was supposed to drive to the restaurant but forgot how to so he sent the local police on a goose chase for them through the city. Chambers also stated the he prefers voicemail to e-mail because "it's so much easier for me to understand and visualize by hearing.”

I will be describing the experiences of the woman sitting in the corner. Throughout the simulation she experiences frustration, hopelessness, and anger. At first the class is moving way too quickly for her to grasp any knowledge and understand anything. This causes her frustration since she can’t keep up with the pace of the class and is constantly being left behind having to catch up to the teacher. Then when the teacher calls on her she doesn't know where they are causing even more frustration. Then she gets angry when she gets a question wrong and the teacher embarrasses her in front of the others. But, when she gets an answer right, he just moves on like she did nothing right.

Another participant pretty much gave up on trying after 30 minutes. She would say she doesn't know or they took my answer. She experienced a sense of aw on how kids are living with this difficulty for their whole life. After a while her performance and attitude started to decline. She would start giving sighs after every answer and you can tell she was



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