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The Drop App - Innovative and a User-Friendly Application

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Essay Preview: The Drop App - Innovative and a User-Friendly Application

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Drop App

The Drop app is an innovative and a user-friendly application that allows people earn gift cards from made purchases. Typically, college students or people from the younger generation use this app. Individuals use this app because it allows users to link their credit and debit cards to the app, so they can collect points based of their purchases. With those points, they can earn gift cards to a store of their choice. This app is very convenient and effortless to use, a swipe of a card will automatically transfer points to the app. Users find the app useful due to earning multiple rewards in one app without to physically hold loyalty cards in their wallets. The app offers the user with weekly offers and rewards based on their spending habits. The application is designed to fit into anyone’s lifestyle due to their daily purchases. Many users are satisfied with instant gratification without putting in any effort.  

The found and CEO of the Drop application is Derrick Fung. Derrick Fung focused on product, people, and progress. These three P’s are essential in building capital for the company. Fung focused on people’s needs which are saving time and money. With each download, this brings in more consumers and allows the brand to grow rapidly. Since the application offers friend codes, users can share their friend code and refer to other friends and family for bonus points. In progress, Fung focused on using less money to stabilize and expand the company. This will allow the owner’s company to be more relevant in the market, build customer loyalty, and raise capital. This app separates other cash apps and other company reward programs due to its flexibility and leisure it provides to consumers. Other companies offer physical cards for customers to redeem rewards. This app allows people to be careless and not require them to carry cards physically or not have them worry about losing or forgetting cards elsewhere. The 3 P’s are critical in Fung’s start up business and each P is essential to expand and create revenue to for application.

The three key processes in the application is linking, searching, and redeeming. In linking, users link their debit and credit cards to the app to redeem their awards once they have earned enough points. The user links their bank account information onto the app which automatically links all their credit and debit cards to the app. The user can also customize which cards will go on to the app as well. In search, the app offers a variety of brands that the user can pick from. The app displays brands where the user can personally add to them on going offers based on their purchasing habits and favorite places. The last key process in the app is redeeming awards that the user has chosen. Once they have redeemed the offer, they should receive an e-gift card that will display in the redeem tab in the application.  

This app draws attention from consumers by many ways. Fung wanted to focus on making the app to be effortless and handy. Usually other brands promote loyalty programs by offering them cards or email promotions. With the app, they do not need to check their email for rewards or hold multiple cards in their wallets. Also, there are many ways to earn points not just by purchases. Users can receive bonus points by linking more than one card or referring to friends by social media or email. The Drop app is completely free and there is no hidden fees and the Drop points do not expire. The large selection of rewards allows users to redeem their gift cards of their choice without having a hard time finding a certain brand of their liking. Each time a user refers to a friend or family member they earn an additional 1,000 bonus points when they start using the app. This is a fast way to earn points compared to making purchases to earn gift cards. Some users may be uncomfortable to link their credit and debit cards on to the app. However, the application is completely secure. The login credentials are never stored on the Drop servers and user’s personal data is encrypted with both software and hardware encryption.

On the other hand, the app does have some few weaknesses that can be improved. It takes many purchases to accumulate points despite having many ways to earn points from different brands. 1000 points equals one dollar in the app. It may take 5-6 purchases of a brand to accumulate 1000 points.  When users first sign up for the app, they are only allowed to choose from only 5 different brands where they can earn points. Users must check in weekly to add new brands to their collection to earn more points. Another weakness is that the app does not provide much variety or creativity in the app. The app is very plain and simple. There is not much variation or complexion that draws the users’ attention to make the user click on the app. Since the application does not provide notifications when new offers are displayed. Users sometimes forget to check into the app to explore their new options in the app.



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