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The Doll House by Kenrik Ibsen

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Essay Preview: The Doll House by Kenrik Ibsen

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“The Doll House” by Kenrik Ibsen

In Act I, I thought Mrs. Linde’s husband wrote a will stating Nora would get all of the money, but that guess was quickly shot down. Instead, it was replaced with her forging someone’s signature, perhaps her father. Act two of “The Doll House” by Kenrik Ibsen was an emotional rollercoaster. I thought every man who was going to set foot in that house was going to confess their unrequited love for Nora. In fact, not only did one of her many bachelors confess his love, but another one blackmailed her. Actually, I am very surprised at the fact that the doctor liked her! I thought she was going to have an affair too, but she’s madly in love with him. Everything that she does is in regards to him.

Mrs. Linde is a kind and true friend. Whenever Nora calls for her, she is present. For instance, sewing the dress for the Tarantella, Nora sent someone to get her and she went out of her way to sew her dress. She knows almost every single one of Nora’s secret. Not only that, even when she did find out Nora’s secret of the money and thought it was an affair, she didn’t plan on telling the husband. She just asked if she would ever tell him of this dark secret. Only thing that I don’t like is the fact that she looks down at her too. Both she and Nora’s husband see her as childish. Also, what I don’t understand is why she felt the need to lie to Mrs. Linde about the money situation. I think it was so then she can be pitied and seen as mature because she had a few struggles to take care of. Actually, she wanted to be acknowledged of what she has done for her husband and her family.

I finally understand how she was able to take out her father’s money! She must’ve went to the bank and instead of taking out money with her husband, she goes to Krogstad to withdraw her father’s money. So she forges her father’s signature and then she gives her husband the money, lying



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