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The Discovery Of Flight

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The discovery of flight has greatly changed the world. It has changed the lives of many. Now, in our world today, we can use an airplane to take us to another state. Even another country! It's amazing! We can get to places a lot easier and faster. People can see their families more often, so aviation has brought many families together for holidays and even just visits! Thanks to the discovery of flight, we can now help protect our country from other countries that try to attack the USA, but other countries have also harnessed the power of flight. They can use them to drop bombs on America, and they have brought destruction to us. For example, on 9/11 America was devastated with the destruction of the twin towers in New York. Lives were lost, people were trapped and badly injured, and many people were in tears that day, and they still are in tears because they lost their loved ones in the wreckage. They were changed forever, but flight has also brought joy to countless numbers of people being reunited with their families in a long time, or going on business trips. It's amazing what joys and destruction flight has brought to us. Also, children of my age read about the Wright brothers. We study them is class, and they are always honored in Ohio. We can only wonder how flight will be taken to the next level.



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