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The Day After Tomorrow

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Essay Preview: The Day After Tomorrow

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The Day After Tomorrow is one of those huge summer movies from director Roland Emmerich. It follows in the foot steps of Indepence Day and Godzilla. And like those two movies it has huge special effects that are jaw dropping the first time you see them. But also like those two movies, the plot is as thin as Michael Moore's chances of getting an invitation to sleep in the Lincoln bedroom.

The Day After TomorrowThe story is due to global warming the climate makes a very sudden change. At first there are storms all over the northern hemisphere. We see softball sized hail in Tokyo, multiple tornados tearing through Los Angeles and surging seas that cover New York City in 40 foot of water. If that's not bad enough, the temperature drops to sub-Arctic levels and thrusts the entire northern hemisphere into a new ice age.

This makes for some wonderful special effects and that is why people will go to see this movie. This film features some of the best CGI work done to date. The visuals of the events I described above are outstanding.

There are a couple of major problems with the movie though. First off, the characters and the plot surrounding them to tie all of these events together really requires that you check your sense of disbelief at the door. Background characters die by the millions, some brutally like the idiot news men trying to cover the events. And we're seeing events that would kill millions worldwide. But the movie ignores that. And when we see the masses, they are well behaved, there's no panic, no looting. They're trying to reach safety, but they're not trampling each other or bashing each other with blunt objects as they struggle to hoard things like bottled water. While all of these people are getting frozen, washed away or having their skulls bashed in with huge chunks of hail, our main characters can seemingly just out run anything that happens. Turn around to notice a wall



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