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The Dark Half

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i read the book the dark half by steven king its about a writer that has writers block as a writer so he changes his name to goerge stark and encounters many problems with this person that has died over 20 years ago. first he has threats made about people he cares about next goerge stark that was supposevly dead starts murdering people. thad beaumant the write calls a detective about this problem and the officer starts to do research on thad beaumaunt and descovers that when in the fetus he had a twin brother that had died. When thad is about 6 years old he discovers hes having bad migranes he goes to the doctor and the doctor tells him he needs surgery, during surgery the surgeon discovers body parts in thads brain from his twin brother that passed away in the woumb the sugeuon pulls out fingernails out of thads brain and when the surgery is over he decides not to tell his parents aobut the body parts and just tell thim that he had a toumber that needed to be removed. the detective sets up a voice recorder on thads phone so that next time goerge calls they can get the voice prints to tell if it is really goerge stark that is calling him. Finally the man that claims to be goerge stark calls and the detectives get his voice prints after comparing them to thads they find out that they are the same except for 2 seconds of their whole conversation. the police dept does not want to believe

this because of the fact that no two voice prints are ever the same, voice prints are like finger prints or DNA no two people are the same. after looking closely at the prints they discover that they really are the same and they begin to believe that thad pre recorded the whole conversation and had someone else call him and play it.



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