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The Bravest Of Individuals Is One Who Obeys His Or Her Conscience,"

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Essay Preview: The Bravest Of Individuals Is One Who Obeys His Or Her Conscience,"

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"The bravest of individuals is one who obeys his or her conscience," was once stated by J.F Clarke, when this quote is broken down one may notice the amount of truth behind it. J.F Clarke's interpretation of braveness and conclusion on the topic of obeying their conscience is rather intelligent due to the belief of inner senses of what is right or wrong will lead to the right choices in life. Two examples of literature that strongly support this quote can be found in "Of Mice And Men" by John Steinbeck, as well as "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller. The use of literary elements, such as rising action, dramatic irony, mood and foreshadowing.

In Arthur Miller's, "The Crucible," John Proctor is faced with a life or death situation. Even though John Proctor virtually has the choice of which path to follow, life or death, there are many other variables that ultimately lead him to his choice. John's decision is ultimately swayed by the sheer conception of dieing with pride or dieing confessing to something he simply did not do. The conscience of John Proctor comes into play while he is ultimately deciding his faith, shall he live his life in exile like no man should, or die with honor and obey his inner senses to protect his family and his last name. This makes John brave because of the ultimate sacrifice given up by an honest man to obey his inner senses. The use of literary elements in "The Crucible," all lead to the climax and turning point of the story, which is when John is hung. Arthur Miller's use of rising action creates a surplus of tension and animosity between each of the towns people in fear of they in time will be blamed of witchcraft, just as many others have already, helps lead up to the climax of the story which is when John is faced with the proposition of life and death. Arthur Millers use of dramatic irony also increases the plot's realness and tension, the readers know that Abigail is attempting to get her way out of a situation by blaming others for wrong doing to turn the attention from her, but the characters in the book do not.

From John Steinbeck's "Of Mice And Men" an excellent example of characters being brave by obeying their conscience. In this work of literature, George Milton's faced with a situation of what is right and wrong and which inner sense to listen to. George's long time friend and mentally handicapped friend Lennie Smalls has just killed Curley's wife, inside of a barnyard accidentally. Lennie attempts to run away from the whole situation, but George knows exactly where he will be, and that is at the exact spot he told him to go to if there was trouble. As George arrives at the river Lennie was instructed to go to, George realizes he has a great problem, should he kill his long time best friend and save him from the swarming angry



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