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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas - Book Review

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Essay Preview: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas - Book Review

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        In my book, The Boy In The Striped Pajamas, the setting is in Germany. The time period of this book is around 1943, about 10 years into the holocaust. The setting stays about the same during the entire story. It's mostly just the Nazi commander's son and the area around his house. Another main setting includes the concentration camp next to it, Auschwitz, which the innocent main character calls out-with.

        I would've most definetely NOT wanted to live in the time period of this book for many reasons. The first and main one being, this book literally takes place during the holocaust. Another reason being World War II was going on at that time, and life would have been the actual worst with these situations going on, and my last reason not to live in the time period of my book is that overall 1943 just dosen't seem like the most appealing era to live in considering we would have none of the advanced technology we have today.

        Bruno is the main character. He is 9 years old and a nazi commander's son who lives in Auschwitz, Germany, very close to a concentration camp. Shmuel is a Jewish inmate at the Auschwitz concentration camp and he is the same age as Bruno and coincidentally even shares the same birthday with him. They both become close friends when Bruno decides to venture out an explore where his parents told him not to. Everyday he goes to talk to Shmuel through the tall fence but one day something terrible happens.

        Bruno is moving away from Auschwitz so he goes to talk to Shmuel for the last time. Shmuel makes one last request to bruno, which is to help him find his father in the camp. Bruno agrees ad takes a pair of the striped pajamas and follows him into the camp, the problem is a man comes around and forces Bruno and Shmuel to get into one of the gas chambers and (SPOILER ALERT) they both die. I would classify this conflict as man vs man because its another man who makes Shmuel and Bruno go into the chamber and to begin with its a man who is causing all this so the conflict would be first Shmuel against the nazis and then towards the end of the book both boys vs the nazis.



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