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The Best Place to Work Book Review

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                 The Best Place To Work Book Review

Caleb Johnson

Brigham Young University-Idaho

Give and Take Book Review

        New York Times Bestseller Give and Take was an inspiring book for me. Throughout the book it showed me and taught me the power of giving, and that givers can ultimately win. Reading Give and Take has motivated me to become more of a giver. I’m going to share some key principles that has impacted me from the book.

        In Give and Take Adam Grant has categorized people into three groups: givers, matchers, and takers. Givers are people that give more than they receive. Matchers give as much as they receive. Takers get more than they receive. In the business world we think of a successful executive as charismatic, demanding, arrogant, puffed up, and a type A personality. Basically, I described a taker. Grant disagrees and shows in many examples of why being a giver can be very successful.

        When we think of giving a lot of us immediately think of donating money to charities or to other worthy causes. That’s very true, but just giving money doesn’t classify someone as a giver. “These preferences aren’t about money: givers and takers aren’t distinguished by how much they donate to charity…Rather, givers and takers differ in their attitudes and actions toward other people. If you’re a taker, you help others strategically, when the benefits to you outweigh the personal costs. If you’re a giver, you might use different cost-benefit analysis: you help whenever the benefits to others exceed the personal costs” (Grant, P. 5).



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