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The Benefits of Eating Kale

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Essay Preview: The Benefits of Eating Kale

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Jerec J. Roberts[a] 

Atkins, Raymond


ENGL 1101 CRN 40574

March 5,2017

The Benefits of Eating Kale[c]

        Kale is a leafy cabbage with erect stems and no head. It is not known when man first consumed kale. Although scientists do know that the ancient Greeks cultivated the plant. The earlier Roman manuscripts reference “brassica”, a word that beset plants such as wild turnips and kalelike plants. California is America’s kale capital as of two thousand and twelve. The state of Georgia is ranked as number two in the kale industry. There are many reasons to eat kale and the benefits of eating it are tremendous.

        One of the many benefits of kale is that is a great anti-inflammatory food. This means that it helps with swelling and inflammation. It is also high in fiber, low in calories, and has zero fat. One cup of kale has 5 grams of fiber and 36 calories. It is also filled with so many vitamins, nutrients, magnesium and folate. This is great for when you are trying to lose some weight, or just not gain much at all.

        Kale is rich in vitamins A, C, and K. One cup of kale has more calcium than a cup of milk. Kale also has more iron than beef per calorie. Vitamin A will aid in vision, it will help keep skin healthy, as well as help prevent lung and oral cancers. Vitamin C will help with immune support, metabolism, hydration, and is also helpful to maintain joint flexibility and cartilage growth. Vitamin K is great to help protect against cancer, improves blood clotting, and bone health. Vitamin K will also help to ameliorate Alzheimer’s disease. Everyone already knows that calcium helps bone support, but it also helps prevent Osteoporosis and is great for maintaining a stable metabolism. A high iron diet will help transport oxygen throughout the entire body, aid in cell growth, it is great for the formation of enzymes and hemoglobin, and it will help the liver function correctly.        

        Another benefit of eating kale is that it is great for your cardiovascular support, which means it will help lower cholesterol. In this day there are thousands, or more, Americans that have a high cholesterol level because of fast food restaurants and unhealthy foods in general. Low cholesterol levels reduce the risk of strokes and will aid in increasing the number of years you have left to live. It also reduces the risk of heart disease. Which is particularly helpful in older people.

        There are many different ways to prepare kale. Many companies deep fry it and sell it as chips that are lightly salted with different flavors. Some people like it dried and some like it fresh. The most common way to eat kale is to steam it. The fiber-related components serve a greater purpose when it is steamed. It does a better job of binding with bile acids in the digestive tract when steamed. Kale restaurants have become more popular over the years as more celebrities have taken to kale based diets. Celebrity endorsement has helped thrive the market profits in fresh foods.



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