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The Battle Of Issus By Albreck Altdorfer

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Essay Preview: The Battle Of Issus By Albreck Altdorfer

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The Battle Of Issus, By Albrecht Altdorfer 1529

1. This large rectangular painting shows a view from far away. In the foreground there are thousands of men preparing for a battle. In the background there are mountains, and further beyond the mountains there is a round body of water that goes the entire width of the painting. Directly the center at the top of the painting is a sign in a frame that has two long pieces of cloth on each end tied into a circular hoop. In the top left the moon is out, and behind the body of water on the right a little more then halfway up the painting, the sun is setting. At the bottom of the painting there are men on horseback, spanning the width of the entire painting. The men are all wearing armor, and have helmets that have a furry top running down the center of the helmets. In the sky, the clouds are separating behind where the sign is hanging making a circular shape similar to the bdoy of water. In the middle of the painting before the water, there are two villages. One is built upon the mountain, and the other is to the right of the mountain, with the one on the right having many more buildings. Many of the men throughout the painting are also brandishing flags, many of which appear to be different colors, representing the different nations in battle.

2. This painting is very large, with much detail involved. From the foreground to the background there is a distance of many miles. Very large armies are coming together in the center of the piece preparing for battle. Some men are on horseback and others are on foot. There is one mountain in the middle of the painting. There are boats in the water in the background. Both the sun and moon are out at the same time as well.

3. This 5 ft rectangular painting shows thousands of people. It also shows a body of water as well as two villages. At the very bottom in the middle there are casualties from the battle.



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