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The Battle Of Agincourt

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The Battle of Agincourt

King Henry V was a warrior king of the Middle Ages. At the Battle of Agincourt Henry V lead his English army to invade France. He hoped that invading France would be popular with his people, and improve his power at home. He wanted his finances to grow by gaining revenue-producing lands. He also wanted to take French nobles prisoner either for ransom or to extort money from the French king in exchange for their return. During the Battle of Agincourt, King Henry V and his small English Army overcame overwhelming odds and beat the numerous French armies.

At the beginning, the English had 5000 archers and 900 gunmen and the French had 20,000 to 30,000 men. The two armies lined up in lines, the first 1000 yards apart. The English were the first to advance, moving into range of the archers. The French, getting shot at with arrows, charged the English lines, the French rally and push the English back killing many men. (The Great Battles)

King Henry V went back to lick his wounds and started a pep rally with his army. Later on, The English armies overcame the French rally killing numerous men and making the French retreat. The English won the Battle of Agincourt because Henry V's speech to get the English armies ready to fight.

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