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The Awakening Plot

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Edna Pontellier, a mother of two sons and marrired to a New Orleans businessman, takes a vacation with her family at a seaside resort in Grand Isle, Louisiana. While on vacation Ms. Pontellier meets Adele Ratignolle, another married mother, which whom Ms. Pontellier spends most of her time with. Ms. Pontelliers friendship with Adele has her open up and has Ms. Pontellier remember her youth and the whole idea of freedom.

As Ms. Pontellier gets close to Adele she then meets Robert Lebrun, the son of Madame Lebrun. Robert is well known at the Grand Isle resort and is known to chooses a lady every summer which he spends time with, and this summer Robert just so happens to choose Ms. Pontellier. Ms. Potelliers relationship with Robert was nothing but friendship, but when Roberts attention and affection towards Ms. Pontellier increased the relationship became more than friends. Knowing Ms. Pontellier is married Robert leaves Grand Isle and goes to Mexico.

After the vacation at the Grand Isle resort and with no disregard Ms. Pontellier leaves her husband and abandons her kids by moving into a house of her own. Ms. Pontelliers time at Grand Isle and her time with Robert made her a different person, a person in search for something that she never finds. Robert and Ms. Pontellier then meet again and spend time together, but toward the end Robert again knows that they can’t and should not be together.

Edna Pontelliers selfishness and no regard for anyone else made her realize the neglect that she had put upon her sons and relationship with Robert would of never worked out and would of never fulfill her dreams and desires. Feeling like the world is crumbling right under her Ms. Pontellier runs herself to the only think that can free her…. Death



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