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The Anti-Imperialist Perspective And The New Manifest Destiny

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Essay Preview: The Anti-Imperialist Perspective And The New Manifest Destiny

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The Anti-Imperialist Perspective and The New Manifest Destiny

Senator George F. Hoar opposed the use of blatant force in order to plant our flag in another country; this included the annexation of the Philippines. The Senator did not want our Nation, a republic based on freedom, to turn into a violent nation using physical force. He is quoted saying "the danger that we are to be transformed from a Republic, founded on the Declaration of Independence . . . into a vulgar, commonplace empire, founded upon physical force." Senator Hoar believed that imperialism was a departure from the earlier doctrines of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Senator Hoar warns the American people to focus on our past doctrines, a few examples include, "She will not consent to be the ruler over vassal States or subject peoples. She will enter upon no mad career of empire in distant seas. She will not seek to force her trade upon unwilling peoples at the cannon's mouth." Senator Hoar also warns the American people of spiritual consequences if we take part in the barbaric natured imperialism. He writes, "If we do it, our spirit will not, I am afraid -- God grant that I may be wrong -- the American spirit will not enter into and possess them, but their spirit will enter into and possess us."

Senator Hoar fears that along with Imperialism will come the downfall of America. He believes that when we, as a nation, decided to become a conquering empire, stealing lands, stealing goods, and conquering races of people then that would only lead to us being conquered by a stronger country. He writes, "It is much more likely that we may fail as Spain has failed."

Senator Hoar looks at the imperialist as hypocrites, because they claim to be pro constitution, but in reality imperialism is unconstitutional. Hoar writes, "The government of foreign people against their



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