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The American Dream

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As of 2007 about 21,000,000 people live within the United States of America as illegal immigrants. On top of that about 650,000 of those illegal immigrants are also wanted fugitives in their native lands ("Illegal Immigration"). These are the type of statistics that continue to put America in the position as the ultimate place to live to further improve living conditions of others. Now some may ask what exactly is this dream you speak of. The American dream is just what a dream is all about. It is the fulfillment of a wish and the fact that America provides the environment for fulfilling the dream is what makes it a possible reality. The American dream is the understanding held by many people across the world that all things can be obtainable through success from hard work, money and the freedom to pursue opportunities.

Historically, the American Dream was a coined word founded by James Truslow Adams explaining how in the eighteenth century, the possession of physical resources of gold or land. That's a major reason why in 1849 during the California Gold Rush thousands flocked to America in search of fortune and gold. Land distribution was the focus of the Homestead Act of 1862 as travelers moved westward to attain free land (The Homestead Act of 1862). The American Dream in our time can also be associated with money and technology as both symbolize success. The combination of the advancement in technology along with natural resources, which are valued highly in their natural form due to demand and usefulness, creates the possibilities of going from, "rags to riches". It all demands on supply and demand.

Is being a rich and successful man or woman happen to be because of luck or maybe through the actual hard work that some humans put into their lives? There are some people who are physically and mentally blessed. This doesn't make them a better person, but it does mean that they work less to stay in the authoritative position they already hold. Some human beings work as hard as they can, or would like to, but miserably somehow seem to always end up short, while others just so happen to come up with an idea that turns them into instant millionaires. Life is said to be unfair and is proven true time and time again as the hardest working people seem to be the ones least recognized and end up with the short end of the bargain. These are just a few of the anomalies used to exemplify why the American was created and its whole purpose in the American way of life. There's also times when hard work doesn't always guarantee success. Other people must rely on freedom and opportunity to see their way through life living the dream. Just like in the story written by Gary Soto entitled, "Looking for Work", Soto learned at a young age that hard work brings income. He began with nothing but made up his mind that he would work to become successful. This illustrates how hard work plays a pivotal role in attaining the American dream.

Why it is that America is arguably the best country to live your life in? America is the land of the free and opportunity. People come to the U.S. to begin a fresh life free of unruly governments and misrepresentation. Freedom is the word that comes to mind when you mention America. The United States in its entirety represents and stands for freedom alone. Some also may ask what freedom is and why it's important at all. Freedom as defined by Webster's online dictionary, is the condition of being free; the power to act or speak or think without externally imposed restraints.This is what makes the American lifestyle a hot commodity. Several smaller countries, located at different parts of the globe, are carefully and constantly under watch by the overruling government, and the abiding citizens never get the chance to experience



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