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The Abortion Double Standard

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The Abortion Double Standard

The long argued issue of abortion and the morals, or lack there of, behind it is not new to the medical, and political realm. There are plenty of radical anti-abortion groups who protest against it, and just as many pro-choice groups who support it. The beauty of this country is that we can all have an opinion about it, and by now I'm sure that most people do have an opinion about abortion one way or the other. The problem is that one argument is used in order to keep abortion legal, and then it is ignored when it comes to those people who don't agree with it. This results in a double standard. The anti-abortion medical community has been denied certain rights when it comes to this issue, and now new laws are beginning to be implemented where a health care professional can refuse to give or have any part in any type of abortion if they object to it on religious or moral grounds. I agree with this new bill because it finally recognizes certain rights of health care professionals, such as a higher amount of job security, it can protect a certain healthcare professional's reputation, and it gives them the freedom to religion and to have beliefs, and in some cases.

The new bill would provide more job security for healthcare professionals because they would not get fired for refusing to perform certain operations or do anything they morally or religiously disagreed with. There have been many cases over the years in which people lost their jobs because they refused to fill a Morning After pill prescription, or for refusal to provide an abortion. There are plenty of laws that protect people from getting fired based on their sexual orientation or beliefs in certain religions, so why has this issue been ignored for so long? Having a law like this in place would certainly help health professionals to keep their jobs.

This new law could also help protect a medical professional's reputation. If a doctor was forced into giving an abortion to someone, even if he disagreed with doing that, it might make some of his patients lose respect for him and they might go to another doctor. There have been cases where pro-life radicals have murdered doctors who performed abortions. What if this one day happened to a doctor who had given the abortion just so that he could keep his job? It isn't fair that someone should have to face the decision of either doing their job or having their beliefs.

Lastly, this new bill would allow people in the medical field to have their beliefs. Abortion is legal in



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