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Terminator 2

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Scene opens on a dark and dreary night. Machines have taken over the world and are attempting to exterminate what remains of human existence. This existence consists of a small amount of remaining survivors that have banded together to form a resistance against the machines. This resistance is lead by John Connor. This is the harsh reality of the year 2029. Our story, however, takes place in the year 1995 when the T-1000 killing machine is sent back in time to kill John Connor as a teenager, hence preventing the resistance. John Connor and the resistance send back a T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger), an older machine, to save John. What unfolds is an epic battle between good and evil. Along to assist Arnold in saving John is John's mother, Sarah Connor. Having escaped from a mental institution, in which she was placed because of her forecasting of her known future, Sarah attempts to execute the creator of the Artificial Intelligence that is responsible for the destruction of mankind. Her attempt is thwarted by her compassion as a human. Instead, the creator, Miles Dyson, along with the Terminator, John and Sarah go to Cyberdyne to destroy all information about the Terminators. They are successful but the T-1000 finds them and makes another attempt at taking young Connor's life. The film concludes in an epic battle between T-800 and the T-1000. The T-800 is successful in saving John and his mother. The film concludes with Sarah lowering the T-800 into magma to make sure there is no remaining info on the Terminators and John preparing for his future.



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