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"My Mom Had Bad Teeth And So Will I"

For as long I have been working in the dental field, people have been explaining to me, the fact that their parents had "bad" teeth, so they were destined to have "bad" teeth also. The dentist of course will tell the patient there truly are some of the factors contributing to "bad" teeth are hereditary. Although, they are not necessarily what you would think of as hereditary traits. Parents do not pass on traits of tooth structure, they pass along eating habits, oral health habits, and saliva properties.

When you are young, your parents feed you. They cook almost every meal for you. So it is almost expected that with all this coking, they are going to make things they like so they do not have to double the cooking load. So basically, you will get fed what your parents want to eat. Therefore if your parents eat more sweets and refined sugars, so will you. Refined sugars are a definite cause of tooth decay. They cause bacteria to build up on the tooth surface and demineralization of the enamel starts. If these sugar bugs are left on your teeth, and not brushed off or flossed out for a prolonged time, tooth decay will result.

Parents are also the ones who show you brushing and flossing techniques. Therefore, if your parents are not concerned about their teeth, they are probably not going to show you proper care of your teeth. Resulting in poor oral health. Brushing is a crucial part of an effective oral health regimen. Brushing off plaque stuck to your teeth is like scrubbing baked on macaroni from a pot. Flossing is very important also. It helps remove bacteria from in between your teeth. If the bacteria are not removed they will eat a bus system into your tooth so other bacteria come eat too. This causes a cavity.

Now the true hereditary trait passed down by your parents is saliva. Your parents pass on the Ph and bacteria of saliva. Yes, the slimy, soapy, watery liquid inside your mouth is the main component



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