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Tarco Gmbh: The Loss of Navigating Without a Map

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Essay Preview: Tarco Gmbh: The Loss of Navigating Without a Map

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TARCO GmbH: The loss of navigating without a map

TARCOs main issue is that soon after the organization acquired it’s two component suppliers factories it’s founding directors, Mr. Metzelder and Mr. Adler and the ones who made the decision to buy the factories, chose to step down from the day-to-day management and instead solely function as representatives on the board of directors. In doing this the organization lost two of its cultural carriers and key figures who are essential in the strategic- and integration process. Mr. Metzelder and Mr. Adler should have been present from the start in implementing the new goals, strategies and the mutual culture since they have a leading position in the organization and symbolize strength and stability as the companies founders. They entered the buy-out with certain visions and should bring these forward in the organization and shape the mutual culture in the merger. If the founders had been present from the start in the new organization it would facilitate the re-organization and they would have been able to set up mutual goals and processes for the organization. At the same time they could ensure that all key personel and employees shared one view of TARCOs values and vision of the future. The new organization failed to establish common strategies and goals and Mr. Weise, who is a key person in the organization as manager at TARCOs original factory, has a vision and working method that does not comply with the organizations needs today. Mr. Weise doesn’t see the value in working as a team and only see to the original TARCO factory’s gain and needs. This can be explained from a win-lose strategy perspective; by means of Mr. Weise expecting the component factories to refer to the original TARCO factory and that he is misleading in his communication by only conveying his own constructed goals and ideas, this leads to an unsustainable situation. Mr. Weise does not have a holistic perspective of the organization which result in that his way of working goes against the organizations integration phase. Instead Mr. Weises management should be based on a mutual organizational vision; common goals and pursue common outcomes that satisfy all parties within the organization. This will lead to an open, honest environment and will be a good way to communicate the organizations goals and visions. Which in turn will increase the company´s social capital.

The communication between the different departments is not working sufficiently. An example of this is the communication concerning resources, deliveries and the goals among co-workers at the different units. All of these problems are based on the lack of mutual and common goals, values and a culture, which can be implemented, within the new organization. To solve some of these issues the organization should introduce a so called ”corporate culture”, pertaining to how to work together as one organization, how to communicate and integrate between departments, and what is acceptable and not acceptable within the organizational culture. If this is successful the employees will be able to identify with the mutual values, have a better understanding and be able to work in a more integrated way. Practical examples on how to create common values and shape the organizational culture; a clear and strategic communication between the board, managers, and employees, publications, policy documents, seminars, show examples on how to act with respect to the organizations basic values and lead by example thru personal actions and conduct, leaders need to walk the talk. It is important that the leaders of TARCO have an understanding of



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