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Tale Of Two Majors

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A Tale of Two Majors

For most college students, picking a major is more difficult than picking the actual college they would like to attend. Even if a college student is able to pick a major, odds are that he will change it on the average of three times. I, however, am an anomaly in a sense because I knew that I wanted to major in from early age. However, toward the latter part of my educational career, I became more aware of other academic studies and pursuits that potentially interested me. So after intense reflection and consideration I entered Virginia Tech with heart set on a history and economics degree.

I have always enjoyed history from a very young age. In school, I excelled in most academic disciplines, but history was my specialty. Learning about different countries’ leaders, events, and societies always intrigued me. In middle school when I was sure that I wanted a career in the Army, I became deeply interested in military history. My penchant for history was also motivated by the fact that I always had great history teachers. Some of my most memorable instructors taught United States, World, or European history. From freshman year of high school on, I was dead-set to become a history major.

As they years passed however, it occurred to me that although I thoroughly enjoyed history, there were limited careers associated with the field. I wanted to have something to fall back on in case I decided to leave the military early, and the alternatives weren’t that appealing. Law was the only field that was alluring outside of teaching history. Just as I liked history, law also fascinated me. Pursuing justice and ensuring that the laws of America were enforced inspired me. The wealth, power, and scholarly reputation associated with being a lawyer also intrigued me. As I went into my junior year of high school, I thought I knew, or at least had a strong inclination, that I wanted to major in history, go on to get my law degree, and become a JAG officer.

During my junior and senior years, I started to become interested in economic theory as well as history. A paper on Karl Marx sparked my interest on the field and I became enthralled with



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