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Take No More Logline

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Paul Grace




Another black man is beaten by a white cop on the streets of Los Angeles.  The African American community can "Take No More" and protests in the streets.  The white community is angry and tired of the black community playing the “race card”.  In the midst of all the anger and turmoil, a white cop and a black thug, seem to have gotten away with the biggest con of the century.  Would you take a beating to collect 100 million dollars? 


Rodney King... Trayvon Martin... Ferguson, Missouri... Baltimore, Maryland... Black men beaten and killed by white cops.  Too quickly, city and state governments are paying out millions of taxpayer’s money.  How much is a black man worth?  Should we give police the benefit of the doubt?  What if a beating was staged?  Would you take an ass whopping to share in the lawsuit winnings of millions of dollars?

     While the black community is outraged by the seemingly ongoing beat downs, the white community is feeling angered that every event seems to be “racial”, and the politicians are just trying to win elections, a friendship between Officer Charley Bicksen and a seemingly drug dealer, Terrance Jeffries may have pulled off the biggest con of the century.

     Officer CHARLEY BICKSEN and partner, LARRY ANDERSON, answering a call about a possible drug deal have been accused of beating TERRANCE JEFFRIES in the streets.  Officers say he went for his gun. MAYOR ABBOTT is seeking re-election and trailing in the polls, needs this rectified immediately.  Young and aggressive reporter, LISA DICKSON, realizing this story could be “the one” to change her career, rushes to the hospital to interview Terrance, where well known attorney, DARRIS PRICE, has already taken the case and plans to sue the city for $100 million dollars.  

     Meanwhile, black and white aggression and divide have never been so apparent all over the city.  Flashy, catch phrase speaking lawyer, Darris Price, concocts the "Take No More" mantra and feeds it to the African American community.

     Police CHIEF WILLIAM GARY, who is under pressure by the city for a quiet and speedy resolution, along with Lieutenants ROBIN BLAKE and HENRY RAMIREZ from Internal Affairs interview the officers.  Charley is a good officer with a clean record.  This doesn’t add up.  Is Charley taking the fall for the younger and hotheaded Larry because of his recent marriage and baby on the way?  Robin and Henry also visit the crime scene and stumble across videotape from a local store.  



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