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Synthesis Of Truman Show And Plato's Allegory Of The Cave

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Essay Preview: Synthesis Of Truman Show And Plato's Allegory Of The Cave

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Cell Phones at School? Psh! No Way

Sometime during the school year you are going to have to make a phone call. Whether it is to get your dad to get you out of class or to tell your mom to bring a change of clothes because you messed yourself, it's going to happen. Usually the teacher will let you go to the office to do this, but what if it's something embarrassing? Well you aren't going to want to let all the receptionists overhear. So you are going to have to use your cell phone and that is going to require going to the safest place in the entire school, the bathroom.

First of all, do not attempt to leave the room to use your cell phone right after asking to use the office phone. If you think there's a chance the teacher will deny your request, do not ask. Simply follow these instructions.

You need to be thinking of an excuse to leave the room, making sure the excuse gives you enough time to successfully make your phone call. If you only ask the teacher to let you get a drink, he or she will expect you to be back within a minute at most. A trip to your locker will not suffice either, as that should only take two or three minutes. The easiest excuse you can make is that you need to go to the bathroom. Since the regular trip to the bathroom takes maybe five minutes at most, if it does not embarrass you too much, mention that you need to poop. Squirm around in your chair a little bit, and make a funny face. Try to make eye contact with the teacher that way he or she will notice how uncomfortable you are. Everyone will think this is pretty funny and will not suspect you of anything, as people do not usually joke about in-school pooping.

Now wait for a decent stopping point, raise your hand, and politely ask the teacher. Once the teacher says it's okay, briskly walk out of the room, acting as if you are in a hurry, as



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